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The New 2 1/2" Tow & Stow

  • After a lengthy design and development process to make sure the finished product lives up to B&W’s standards, we’re happy to announce that a 2 ½” Tow & Stow will be available starting sometime in February 2016.

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    B&W Has A New Logo!

  • Recently, B&W unveiled updated and refreshed corporate branding that recognizes our company’s history and also creates a new, modern look that positions us for the future. 


    Logo Plain

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    Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch Maintenance

  • B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitches are designed with extremely tight tolerances so that it has an optimum level of strength and your hitch ball will not rattle in the socket.  However, if you just leave it in the socket for an extended period of time it can become difficult to take in and out.

    What should you do?  Quick and easy maintenance. 

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    Which Gooseneck Hitch is Right For You?

  • When buying a new truck, the dealership might present you with a lot of factory options. One of those might be their tow prep option, or tow group. We know you have a lot of things to think about when you are in that dealer’s showroom, so allow us to spell out the specifics for you to think about ahead of time.

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    Maintenance for your 5th Wheel Hitch

  • Let’s jump right into what you need to do. Lubricate your hitch regularly. That’s all it takes. There are four areas to lubricate.

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    Iron Horse Trailers - Now No Straps Needed!

  • B&W recently had a new experience when we had the opportunity to install a Biker Bar in an Iron Horse 1 Bike Flip Top Motorcycle TrailerAs far as we know, this is the first trailer of this kind to have a Biker Bar installed.



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    2015 Ford F-150 Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch

  • Lighter is Better...Right?

    Vehicle manufacturers are constantly searching for ways to improve performance, ergonomics and fuel efficiency in the cars and trucks they put on the market.  For 2015, Ford has updated its F-150 with an aluminum-alloy body and a lightweight steel frame.  An advantage of this new construction is a weight savings of around 700 pounds and what should be a noticeable improvement in fuel efficiency.  While all of this innovation sounds great on the surface,...

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    Lube Plates for Fifth Wheel RV's

  • What is it?

    A lube plate is a thin, small, plastic or nylon ring that slips over the king pin of a fifth wheel RV trailer.


    What does it do for me?


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    Choosing The Right Hitch

  • You’ve picked out a fancy new RV trailer so you can live in comfort on those long camping trips. If you don’t already have one in your truck, now is the time to choose a fifth-wheel hitch and here are some things to keep in mind when making that choice.

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    The Best Christmas Gift For A Man

  • What is the best Christmas gift for a man? A new staple gun? Socks? One of those blanket throws you think he might wrap up in when he’s on the couch for Sunday afternoon football? Nah. The best Christmas gift for a man should be manly, something heavy duty and made out of steel. Get him a Tow & Stow from B&W. Because he can’t hook up his boat trailer to his truck with a piece of camouflage fleece.


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